About Us

All our Squad dogs are certified and are thoroughly vetted. They are always accompanied by their vetted handler and together they are dedicated to making the therapy session relaxing and a memorable experience. Please feel free to take pictures of your special time together as our Therapy Dogs and Pigs love posing with everybody and becoming apart of your personal story, that you just might want to share with your family and friends. 


All our Therapy Pigs are vetted through Jessie Burke who is one of North America's leading breeders and experts on everything mini pigs and is the first Canadian breeder to be registered by the AMPA. If you are interested in owning one of these special pets then please check out the link to her website: https://www.thislittlepiggyminis.com

Countless scientific studies have proven that interactions with dogs, actually help increase a person's stress-reducing hormone called oxytocin, beta-endorphin, beta-phenylethylamine, dopamine, prolactin and serotonin. While decreasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, and a persons blood pressure and heart rate. Other healing effects can be a decrease in depression, loneliness, aggressive behaviors and an increase in emotional support, self-esteem, laughter, happiness and an overall well-being.  Therapy dogs love nothing more than bringing happiness comfort and affection to all people.  Non-judgmental interactions combined with unconditional acceptance has paved the way for therapy dogs being used to bring comfort to people in stressful situations like man-made - natural disasters, exam stress at Universities campuses...  As well as assisting with those people dealing with mental and or physical issues, bullying, learning disabilities...and everyday stress.  


We love to visit with individuals making it an ideal gift for a family member, friend and even yourself. It is an ideal gift whether for a celebration or a get well gift we will make the visit an unforgettable experience for you or your loved one. We can visit in the comfort of one's own home, a dorm room, nursing home or hospital room. 


We also love to visit with employees from a variety of companies whether small or large.  Universities, Colleges, Public or Private Schools, Airports, Hospitals, Dentist Offices... We also specialize in corporate sponsored events that will guarantee to create a buzz on social media because everybody loves to share a picture with our Squad Dogs and Pigs with his or her families and friends. 


Please find below links to important Studies and Article regarding the positive impact of Therapy Dogs 

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