Join Our Squad 

All our Squad dogs must pass our certified dog test or are currently qualified volunteers for a Therapy Dog Program. Our Squad Dogs represent all shapes, sizes, and breeds of the Dog World. They are very friendly, socially interactive with people of all ages and abilities. They are confident, gentle and patient in all situations.  All their vaccinations must be updated on a regular basis confirmed yearly through verification from their Veterinarian. All dogs must have regular grooming. Dogs must be the minimum of 1 year of age. All dogs must be accompanied with their handler. Yes, each certified dog can have several handlers (one per event) as long as the handlers go through the application, interview, and certification test individually. All dogs will wear our Comfort Squad bandanas and leashes at all times when working for The Comfort Squad unless a job requires otherwise. 

Dog handlers must pass our interview process and successfully completed our certified dog test or are qualified volunteers presently working for a Therapy Dog Program.  All handlers must be 18 years of age or older and must have successfully complete and submit a police background check   All our handlers are very friendly, kind and socially interactive with people of all ages and abilities. They are confident, gentle and patient in all situations. All our handlers will be in good health when they are on a placement as we work directly with individuals. We require a reasonable amount of time if unable to work so a replacement can be found.  Prior to a visit, all handlers must walk their dogs to allow them to go to the bathroom. All handlers will wear our Comfort Squad T-shirt with a pair of presentable jeans at all times when they are working unless a job dress code requirements dictate otherwise.


The Comfort Squad Certification allows a team to work within our company and can not be used to gain access to any place where dogs are not allowed. Therapy Dogs are not entitled to Service Dog status. 


When a team successfully passes the certification testing they will be presented with a Graduation Diploma and each dog will receive the Squad bandana.  Handlers will be required to make a one time purchase of our Squad T-shirt (our present cost) and an orange leash (6 feet) and orange harness to complete the work uniform.*Please note that all dogs will be reviewed while they work and any behavioral issues will automatically make their certification with us null and void. All teams must go through several therapy sessions prior to getting official Squad Status.  When all the requirements are met a new Squad team will be added to our web page where a picture and short bio will be included. 


Congratulations because you now will be working alongside your best friend at one of the happiest Companies in the World. Together each squad will be making a positive impact in their communities. United, we will spread unconditional love everywhere we go as we create happier people who leave with a smile not only on their faces but in their hearts.  


Please note that payment for a certification test must be paid in advance in order to hold your spot as space is limited. 


Get started:

1.  Fill out our Job Application and submit to:






2.  Complete and Pass The Comfort Squad Certified Therapy Dog Test 

(based on the Assistance International Public Access Test) and Interview Portion





3.  Where to get your police background check:

4. Purchase The Comfort Squad T-shirt by placing your order at


5. Purchase your dogs Orange leash (6ft.) and Orange harness at your local dog store



If you require further information please contact us via email at


Payment Options:  Pay Pal, Certified Cheque or Cash.



$60.00 for the test

T-Shirt Purchase $40.00