Meet the Squad 

JAX our Mascot - Handler: Wendy
Jax is a 4 year old, 4 1/2 lb Tea Cup Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese Mix) who is an adorable ball of energy. He is curious about the World and loves to explore and when he stumbles upon Kleenex he has hit pay dirt...
BENTLEY- Handler: Wendy
Bentley is an 8 year old, 10 lb Shorkie (Shih tzu/ Yorkie Mix) who loves to take long walks, enjoys cuddling and belly rubs and his favourite game is playing ball. He enjoys his role as Big Bro to his little Bro Jax and together they play and snuggle for hours. Bentley takes his role as Therapy Dog very serious and enjoys nothing better than sharing his unconditional love with everybody he meets. He looks forward to all the exciting adventures that await him as a member of The Comfort Squad.
DIAMOND - Handler: Maria
Diamond is a Mini Toy Doodle. She loves nothing more than being loved and cuddled...
HARPER - Handler: Jamie
Harper (and her twin Cricket) is a Ganaraskan. Don’t let her beard and eyebrows fool you - she’s a girl! She is one of the most fearless and outgoing dogs ever, but has a special soft spot for kids...
CRICKET - Handler: Jamie
Cricket (and her twin Harper) is a Ganaraskan. Don’t let her beard and eyebrows fool you - she’s a girl! She is one of the most gentle and loving dogs out there, and everyone who meets her describes her as “sweet”...
FINN- Handler: Danielle
Finn is a lover, not a fighter. He likes long walks on the beach, eating, cuddling in front of the fire, eating, playing catch, eating and pretending to be superman
MOLLY - Handler: Maddie
Molly is a 3 year old goldendoodle. She is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. Her silly dog smile is infectious and her loving personality will make you melt. She loves nothing more than a long walk and a good stick to chew. Molly makes friends everywhere she goes and looks forward to cuddling with anyone who needs it.
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Wendy is a Dog Lover and the creator of The Comfort Squad. When her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic illness she was relieved to see what a positive impact their dog Bentley had on her...
Maria is very familiar with change, one of the most consistent things in our lives today.
After having moved from her native Montreal, she spent several years working in the capital markets area of both a foreign and Canadian bank. Fluent in three languages, her portfolio consisted of corporate clients with international exposure in the United States and Europe. Active within the community, she has also been involved in educational fundraising opportunities with kids...
Jamie has been an animal lover her whole life. Growing up with a number and wide variety of pets (dogs, hamsters, fish and a snake), she knew she wanted to continue her tradition of family pets when she moved out on her own. In fact, her goal in life is to retire on a giant plot of land outside of the city and have a rescue sanctuary for all sorts of animals, from domestic house pets to rescued farm animals (and anything in-between)...
Danielle Morris
Danielle Morris is the author of the “Swim In the Kitchen” blog and the yet unpublished children's book “The Spicy Princess”. She is The Management a facebook page of Uncommon Sense for the Moronic Masses. She is a: Wife. Mother. Friend. Reader. Writer. Puppy Wrangler. Volunteer. Real Estate Agent. Cook. Baker. Innovator. Experimentor. Traveller. Not necessarily in that order. She can be found in Toronto, Canada, probably wearing an apron or staring longingly at high heels, or lamenting
Maddie is a 24 year old Nutrition and Food student at Ryerson. Molly is the first dog she's had all to herself and she is her world. Part of why Maddie decided to get a dog was to help with her anxiety, and somehow Molly always knows exactly what to do. Molly is so affectionate and loyal, and the best friend a girl could ask for. Maddie would feel selfish keeping her all to herself!
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